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Staying ‘chill' during summertime with adult children

from Hello Empty Nest...I've been expecting you!

Observations and practical (if subjective) advice for empty nesters or those about to become one - it's a big change, let's embrace it!

housewife confidential

Chicken Tikka Barbecue Skewers Recipe

from Housewife Confidential

Twitter: @thatkat

Mother of three, contender for the laziest housewife in England, chronicling the glory years.


Retraining after being Mummy

from Hannah Spannah Coco Banana

Parenting, Mummy Matters, Health and Love

Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate

My Favourite Five – April

from Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate

Twitter: @hopesdreamschoc

A parent and lifestyle blog. I am a wife and mother trying to make sense of my world, one chocolate bar at a time.

Helen's Animation Workshop Blog

Welcome to the new Helen Animate Workshop Journal!

from Helen's Animation Workshop Blog

Twitter: @helenanimate

Author, illustrator, tea drinker. I run animation workshops that inspire, engage and educate young people in film making techniques.


A Letter to My Saviour

from Heathen Thinking

Twitter: @danielle_meaney

I'm on a learning curve. Come along for the ride.

how to raise chickens in peckham

First blog post

from How to Raise Chickens in Peckham

Twitter: @LizDawes

A blog about life, love, kids and chickens.


5 ways to prevent burn out as a home schooling parent.

from home schooling my special needs child

A blog for those homeschooling or thinking of it, with special needs children. Offers support, curriculum ideas and activities.


Robinson Crusoe Competition

from Helpful Mum

Twitter: @HelpfulMum

Political, atypica, not your average mum. Helpful advice and thoughts on life, politics and money.


Garlic Fingers, or, Keep the Vampires At Bay

from Hartcraft

It's art, and craft, and a somewhat superfluous "h".