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9 top tips on giving prizes

from How to Run a Kids Party

Twitter: @jaimestweets

Ideas, games and activities from a professional fairy. She's been a children's entertainer for 10 years and share games, ideas and advice for parents to run a smooth and great fun party for their own...


The road test!

from How I Lost Weight

After many years of failed diet attempts, this blogger finally managed to lose 20 pounds last year (without using any special diets or fads) and has so far kept it off. She's blogging about how she...


Snow x Illness x work = Stressed out Mother Bear

from Hello from Sunshine

Twitter: @sunshinekidshop

An ex-London mum of two very active boys (12 and 15) living the semi-rural life in the Cotswolds and running a kids fashion business and website.


My Crazy Week!

from HappyGoMummy

Twitter: @happygojules

Julie is a wife and first time mummy on maternity leave, but desperate to find an alternative to going back to work so she can focus on being a SAHM. This is an honest account of being a mummy and...


My DIY 50's Wedding 11.08.2012

from Honey Bumble

A blog about being a mum of two boys and loving all things vintage and handmade. She lives in a little village in Dorset and has embarked on a new venture...


A Culture of Secrecy?

from Heart of the Matter

Thoughts about issues in the world that she feels can't be ignored.


A mouthful in the South

from High on Life

Twitter: @

A blog mostly about travels to extraordinary places and lovingly shared them to her loyal readers. Her goal is to virtually entertain you and for you to enjoy them vicariously through her.


Life in the Bus Lane

from How To Be a Happy Housewife

Twitter: @MaeveBradbury

With her trademark wit and irreverent humour, author and mother of five, Maeve Bradbury, chronicles everywoman's battle to assert dominion over her house, her family, her career and her spreading...


Sausage étiquette

from Hughes' Musings

The short sharp musings of a slightly bemused first-time mum and lawyer.


Weibo - What Do You Know About It?

from How Safe Are Social Networking Sites?

This is a useful blog full of research into children's safety on social networking sites. Liz reviews different websites in terms of how safe they are for children to use and what kind of privacy...