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A Genuinely Really Real Housewife.

from Happily Ever After

Love. Marriage. Babies. Aren't we supposed to be living happily ever after now? A Melbourne writer ponders life as a suburban housewife.


Dungeons, dragons and pretending to be Potter . . .

from Homedad

This stay-at-home dad is wrangling two toddlers while his wife is at work. This blog tracks their family life, from the mundane to the momentous.


Teacher Gifts

from Hartcraft

It's art, and craft, and a somewhat superfluous "h".


Challenge Update #2 ETSY time

from Homebird

Twitter: @kimberleyladd

Stay at home mum blog. Full of recipes, craft and musings on motherhood.


Goodnight Sweetheart 1930-2013

from Her Absent Mind

Twitter: @beeeze

This blogger's mother has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Rosie Millard AKA Helicopter Mum

Dressing up

from Helicopter Mum

Twitter: @Rosiemillard

Writer and broadcaster Rosie on why she's proud to be a helicopter mum.

Heavenly Vegan Baking

Sorry for not posting for ages so here's my wedding cake

from Heavenly Vegan Baking

Twitter: @HVeganBaking

I'm a new vegan and so I'm learning to bake. To see some of the yummy vegan cakes & cookies I've made, visit my blog and get the recipes for yourself.


Hello everyone, I am writing this on behalf of my Ibu!

from hello tia, the little warrior

About sitti alawiyah, the little warrior with a strong heart and lungs.


When One Door Closes.......

from Hotdogs and Slippers

Twitter: @SuzyBullworthy

This fortysomething blogger's had a career change from office worker to dog trainer and greeting cards business owner.


Giant African Land Snails

from Home School Mum Of Three

Twitter: @buffysu99822779

I am a home educating parent from the UK, with three girls,one of whom has special needs. This blog charts our home education journey, art and craft things we do etc