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Gransnet Colchester

Colchester Castle Opening – 2nd May

from Gransnet Colchester

Twitter: @GNColchester

News from the CO postcode area brought to you by Gransnet Local

Great North Mum

Blog for MAMA – be a MAMA Academy Ambassador

from Great North Mum

Twitter: @GreatNorthMum

Running mummy, fascinated daily by working in the NHS. Provokes debate of healthcare issues, parenting, and jogging about a bit. Probably.

Grace Dressmaking

Setting and Lining Sleeves

from Grace Dressmaking

Sharing inspirations, patterns and tutorials.

Great Balls of Wool

A long yarn.....

from Great Balls of Wool

I blog about wool, knitting, and crochet.



from Glossologics

Twitter: @AlexpolisTiger

My blog is about language, in all aspects. From comparing expressions in foreign languages to their counterparts in English, to etymology and use of phrasal verbs.


Competition Time!

from Gas and Air

This fascinating blog doles out stories about pregnancy, birth and mothering young children, straight from the midwife's mouth.


Geeking Out at the Gadget Show Live

from geekmummy

Twitter: @geekmummy

Tech-loving geeky mother of two and wife to one trying to balance work, life and a love of apps


Autumn Madness - everything is going mad

from Gardening in Amberley

Growing and cooking from our garden in Amberley, New Zealand. Share the fun! our struggles with weather, wildlife, and freak earthquakes


Decorating eggs

from Giraffes Can Craft

Activities and crafts with children.


False rape accusations: Some stupid questions

from Glosswatch

Twitter: @Glosswitch

This humorous yet grumpy feminist blog explores motherhood, body image and the pressures women's magazines place us all under.