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Lost in the ether, locked out of ‘me'.

from fortymumthing

My guide, or rather *experience* regarding all aspects of parenting. Hopefully it will make you laugh in a "not the only one" kind of way!


Kandy and Kane are back!

from From Mummy to Mum

Predominately used to document parenting, the ups and downs and what works for us.

fizzi~jayne makes....

Book Review ~ The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapman....

from fizzi~jayne makes....

Twitter: @fizzijayne

Taking on the big bad world with craft! This is my journey, top tips and inspiration for growing a business out of my hobby.


Cookbook Giveaway #2 - Noodle! by MiMi Aye (Signed Copy)

from Food, Football and a Baby

Twitter: @michpetersjones

An ex-Masterchef quarter-finalist ups sticks to Canada, but misses all those fish, chips and baked beans.


Identical Day 2121

from Fatherhood. Badly doodled.

Twitter: @Badlydoodled

I love doodling. I love my son and the weird stuff he says. So I combine the two.

foxy lady drivers

The Winning Business Case for Blogging

from Foxy Lady Drivers

Twitter: @foxytweets

A blog about women and motoring matters, because ladies are often overlooked by the motor industry.

For Books' Sake

PD James dies aged 94

from For Books' Sake

Twitter: @forbookssake

The UK webzine and community dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing by women, with daily editorial (news, reviews, features and interviews), nationwide events programme, publishing projects...

Frost Magazine

Jon Hamm Interview For Black Mirror Christmas Special

from Frost Magazine

Twitter: @Frostmag

A thinker's lifestyle magazine. We cover everything from food, fashion, travel, restaurant reviews, politics and feminism.


Win a LeapBand From LeapFrog for Three Winners

from Food For Kids

Simple healthy food for busy parents


Happy Thanksgiving

from Fluttering Lashes

A beauty haven, make-up archive, with a little lifestyle thrown in for good measure! Tip and tricks, product reviews and more!