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Bouncing back.

from Evan the Great -The Incredible Autistic Boy

A lighthearted look at life with her autistic 8 yearold son and his dog scruffy. Evan was diagnosed with autism at 3 and a half. She is a single parent and she home educates Evan. Everyday brings...

Emma Clark Lam

In a bit of a pickle...

from Emma Clark Lam

Twitter: @EmmaClarkLam

A blog about any snippet, trend or story that catches Emma's attention. From culture shock in Bali to getting hooked on Twitter and women feeling confident enough to call themselves a 'mummy' in the...


Baby clothes haul!

from Everything mummy

A blog about life raising 3 little girls under the age of 4


Swings, roundabout, scarecrows, Mexican, sleepover, sparkly things and funfair...

from Edu-tainment at your Fingertips

An insight into a wonderful, free and ever-changing way of life that we call Home Education

Expat since birth

It's (not) all in the question…

from Expat Since Birth

A blog by an expat-since-birth multilingual mum in her fourties living in the Netherlands with her Swissgerman husband, son and twin-daughters, about being expat, parenting, twins, multilingualism...


Zero Waste is not just for Zero Waste week, and Angry Squirrels.

from Everyday Life On A Shoestring

Inspired by the philosophy 'Live simply that all may simply live' and motivated by the desire for a greener lifestyle, Everyday Life On A Shoestring shares one family's attempts to live simply and...

emma lee-porter

From gruesome murders to village fetes – my local newspaper days

from Emma Lee-Potter: writer, journalist, blogger

Twitter: @EmmaLeePotter

A blog about life, teenagers, books and France by an Oxford- based journalist. This lady's got two teenage children and can't stop worrying about that wreck of a house in France she just bought...


Blogging - why do it?


Crafting,baking and life observations from a busy and happy me.


Blogging - why do it?


Crafting, making and baking and life observations from a busy and happy me!


Dog vs Toddler

from EllieBearBabi

Twitter: @EllieBearBabi

A 20-something mummy and wife blogging about life, baby, arts and crafts and general bits 'n bobs.