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How much is 'your' share?

from emotional support

my thoughts on what's going on; locally and/or in the media. Usually about mental health and nutrition.


Crochet and chocolate cardamon cake


Crafting,baking and life observations from a busy and happy me.


Crochet and chocolate cardamon cake


Crafting, making and baking and life observations from a busy and happy me!


Living Arrows Week 3

from Emily Beale Photography

Twitter: @EmilyBealePhoto

Photography and lifestyle family orientated blog.

eat pray bake

New Beginnings

from Eat Pray Bake

Twitter: @Bailey_Ana

A blog about the baker beautiful and her life in general. This blogger's cool, carefree and a mean cake-maker.


The rumours are true: There's an eager business owner here, ready to create...

from Enter Liberty

we are all about spending more time traveling and exploring new places with your little one. Hints, tips and narrative's included!

elle seymour

A literary lunch with The Shop Girls and Sandra Howard

from Ellee Seymour

Twitter: @elleeseymour

Elle writes about news and political issues, from healthcare and adoption reforms to missing people, SEN and social media.

Essex Voices Past

Kursaal Amusement Park, Southend and Al Capone's Car

from Essex Voices Past

Twitter: @EssexVoicesPast

I write about Essex & East Anglia's historical past - war, witchcraft & rural history are all included.

ELJ Lifestyle

Fifty shades of one grey

from ELJ Lifestyle

Twitter: @eljlifestyle

Stylish And Delicious: a blog about fashion, nutrition and family life.

emily barroso

Flickering memory reel

from Em_phatic

Twitter: @EmilyBarroso1

This blogger has a teen, a teeny and a two-year-old. She's writing about lifein 500 words or less.