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A girl can dream

from Emma's Mamma

A personal parenting blog about the highs and lows of motherhood.

Erren's Kitchen

Quick and Easy Corn & Tuna Pasta Salad

from Erren's Kitchen

Twitter: @https://twitter

Recipes for main meals, desserts, cakes, soups, sauces and more!


Picky eating: one mum's perspective (a guest post by Mandy Mazliah)

from Emotionally Aware Feeding

My blog is for anyone who wants to know more about how to solve picky eating in young children.


5 Reasons We Love the Lost My Name Books: A Review and A Giveaway

from Expat Life with a Double Buggy

Twitter: @amandavmulligen

Sharing the ups, the downs and the in-betweens of parenting abroad.


Father's Day at our house (week late no breafast in bed)

from Emma-Lou, Look at You

Silly blog, showcasing how I sort of manage; 2 kids, 2 cats, husband, job, pals, gymming, book-reading, boozing, and err housekeeping


Abuse online

from Edinburgh Eye

Twitter: @EyeEdinburgh

Lives in Edinburgh. Two cats. Drinks tea. Also has a gamer girlfriend and a stepdog. He is confrontational and holds strong opinions. You probably won’t agree with all of them. You may even...


Sparks from Zion Vol. 1

from Eureka Magazine

An opinionated magazine platform on leadership, politics, lifestyle, business, personal transformation, etc.


This blog has moved.

from Educating Elsa

A UK lifestyle and parenting blog written by a 27 year old Mummy to one energetic little girl.


100 Adventures #4 : Round The Island Race. 6.30 am.

from EatWithGusto

A blog that celebrates food, recipes, cooking and eating. From a food obsessive living on the Isle of Wight with her family.


Hospital visit anxiety

from Extreme Parenting 18

Follow us as we deal with special needs, homeschool and have fun with our mega sized family formed through birth and adoption.