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Mum of 5 with disabilities raising awareness of FACS Syndrome

Extraordinary Chaos

Heinz Alphabetti Book Quotes.

from Extraordinary Chaos

Twitter: @sarahjchristie

I am a working, Wife and Mum trying to achieve domestic goddess status, but never quite getting there.


parenting torture

from Everything mummy

A blog about life raising 3 little girls under the age of 4


Re-homing, hmmm

from Extreme Parenting 18

Follow us as we deal with special needs, homeschool and have fun with our mega sized family formed through birth and adoption.


Under Surveillance: West Nile Virus In Canada

from Expatlog

Twitter: @AishaAshraf1

Expatlogue blogs about moving a family of five and rerooting three and a half thousand miles away in Canada. Unzipping this family from one life and re-packaging them with another has been an eye-ope...


et in arcadia ego

from east elmhurst a go go

It's a personal blog with some fiction.


Growing A Rainbow: Hospital Bags Part One – Labour

from Edspire

Twitter: @Edspire

36 year old Mummy of three year old twins and a beautiful angel, Matilda Mae. PR friendly blogger, learning through play, messy play and preschool days,

Egyptomaniac the Shopping Maniac

OOTW: June 16th (Minnesota Edition)

from Egyptomaniac the Shopping Maniac

Twitter: @Egyptoshops

A blog about fashion & shopping. Focusing on weekly outfits but also clothing reviews. Geared towards teachers, moms, and the 30+ crowd.


Well that escalated quickly…

from EmsyBlog

Twitter: @elphiemcdork

Loony lefty feminist talks about everything that falls out her brain.


Learning from disappointment

from EllieBearBabi

Twitter: @EllieBearBabi

A 20-something mummy and wife blogging about life, baby, arts and crafts and general bits 'n bobs.