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Private. Keep Out. Or Not. Whatever.

from Distressed Housewife

Meet the Distressed Housewife - English teacher, blogger, drinker of wine, mother of three, crap housewife.


7 Building Blocks for Suspense

from Don't tell me the moon is shining...

A blog about writing, by MN author, Wendy Storer. Interviews, book reviews, writing tips, and some super deep(ish) philosophical stuff. :D

Days in the Life of a Mother at Home

Kicking the Dogsbody habit – A Domestic Experiment

from Days in the Life of a Mother at Home

This SAHM's also a blogger and singer. She's writing about what it's like to be a full-time parent.

brian keaney profile pic

Old Man With A Handbag

from Dreaming in Text

Twitter: @brian_keaney

Children's writer Brian Keaney blogs about being a grandfather and a writer.


Don't let the dog feel left out this trick or treat – make him homemade Hallowe...


I'm a freelance illustrator and a mum of two, I love to illustrate what we do make and bake!


Easy Banana Bread

from Dandelion Dinners

A predominantly sensible, sometimes funny, often nostalgic food blog with recipes ranging from easy meals for time constrained and desperate mums, to how to cater for large hungry families in the...

Dear Mummy Welcome

Generals and Cardinals

from Dear Mummy Welcome

In 2005 investment banker Bethany left London to become a single mum to her adopted daughter Mattie, who is of English and Bangladeshi origin. Then she met Mike, married him and moved to Texas. Follo...



from Dreaming Of....

Twitter: @DreamingOf_wdw

I am mum to two children and I work part time in a secondary school. I love to travel (but sadly our finances don't allow it to happen as much as we'd like to). My blog is about our family and the...


Return to calm

from Drawing Room Days

Twitter: @book_truth_lies

This blogger reads, writes, draws, cooks... and is a mum and wife.


Bed Companion

from Diplomatic Dog

Life - through the eyes of our dog: Scruffy Nellie.