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Looking back, going forward

from Dija's World

Twitter: @DijasWorld

A skincare blog written by a facialist and skincare consultant.

Dilly Tante

A fresh start

from Dilly Tante

Twitter: @dillytante

Dilly Tante writes about craft, crochet, parenting and more.


Happy New Ears

from Diplomatic Dog

Life - through the eyes of our dog: Scruffy Nellie.



from Dog Daisy Chains

Twitter: @jackie

Mainly about her textile art but life gets into it too.

dorky mum

Goodbye, 2015

from DorkyMum

Twitter: @dorkymum

Join Hertfordshire's DorkyMum and DorkySon as she blogs on parenting, photography and politics.


Save Caerphilly Road Trees

from Diary of a Hoarder's Daughter

A humorous look at life from the viewpoint of the adult daughter of a hoarder trying to live in the real world.


2015 in review

from DiscomBUBulated

Twitter: @DiscomBUBulated

A blog about things that discombobulate me, my three BUBs, and things that just make sense. Like cheese.


Rice Crispy Plum Puddings

from Daisy and Finn's Party Ideas

A step by step guide to cool party ideas for kids. It will be as easy to follow as a recipe book. This blog give craft , DIY ideas for cool parties & kids activities.


FAll In Love With Prague

from dailybrewreviews

A review site.


from Days of Thrift

Twitter: @DeLinda1926

Days of Thrift is a blogger's guide to dealing with the hard economic times so many of us find ourselves in...