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An open letter to the new Mayor of London from my kids

from Dad vs Daughters

I'm the dad and primary carer of two girls (Lola, 4; Mina, 9 months) and am blogging about my experiences as a man looking after his kids.


Potty training starts with Potty training. #pottytraining

from Dadslife

Hopefully a relatively funny, truthful and probably borderline sarcastic take on life as a dad.


Let the kids be kids

from DannyUK

The random musings of a dad-of-4 living in Essex.

Dear Drama With Love, Umi The Master Rantor

Matters of the Heart

from Dear Drama With Love, Umi The Master Rantor

Documenting the tiny misadventures and battles with poop, pee and barf, ever so expanding waistline and my goddamn sanity.

Daddy Burns the Salad

The Ballad of the Hapless Dad

from Daddy Burns the Salad

Twitter: @DaddyBurnsSalad

Dragons and Fairy Dust

Five tips for choosing the perfect work handbag

from Dragons and Fairy Dust

Twitter: @ali991

I am a general lifestyle blog. I love to do photography, ramble about my life and review products.


Little Bunnies Hair Care Products Review


A Parenting, Health and Lifestyle blog written by a "unwell mother" of one and home schooling doctor of six!


Little Tikes Competition to WIN 1 of 20 Trikes!

from Dancing in my Wellies

A parenting lifestyle blog, documenting pregnancy after an ectopic, and hopefully the safe arrival of our 3rd child..


Taking kids on the tube (Don't be a dick!)

from DannyUK

The random musings of a dad-of-4 living in Essex.


Schleich Farm Animals

from Diary of a First Child

Twitter: @lvano

A blog about natural parenting in a not so natural environment. Luschka's all about homebirthing, cosleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding and all those crunchy hippy things - without the colourful...