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Charlotte Haigh MacNeil

The real reason insomniacs can't sleep

from Charlotte Haigh MacNeil

Twitter: @chahamac

Health journalist, trained counsellor, born worrier. Trying to redirect my energy into writing short stories.

Call yourself a good mum?

London to Brighton - now that's a nice walk... Help for Heroes

from Call yourself a Good Mum?

Celebrating the unrelenting support and never ending love that mums have for their sons and daughters who are serving soldiers in Afghanistan. A tribute to the strength and power of a mother's love....

Cocoa Powered

It has been a long time.

from CocoaPowered

Thoughts of a parent with frequent mentions and adorations of chocolate and books.

Cherry Blossom Rain


from Cherry Blossom Rain

Twitter: @CherryBlossRain

Diary of a stay at home mummy.

Catalan cooking

Frit Mallorquin

from Catalan Cooking

Twitter: @R_McCormack

Here you'll find loads of information about classes, events, recipes, and gastronomic advice on all things Catalan and Spanish. Bon Profit!


The Call of the Wild

from Chronicles of Domestic Disaster

Twitter: @LowdenPoole

As a trainee domestic goddess, this blogger's recording her domestic disasters and triumphs. Turns out mostly the disasters though: they are funnier.


Lovers Are Strangers

from cambios de humor

Being crazy is fun

Creating Serenity

The power of daily practices

from Creating Serenity

This blog is about a mum who was in a dark place and how she got out of it...


A much ado about poo

from Confessions of an imperfect mom of 3

Our daily lives


My blog has moved to WordPress

from Chronicles of Serbia

An expat writes the other Jones Diary. With her cross-cultural husband and little Millie in tow, she's turning her adventures from the U.S to Serbia into top-notch blogging material. Read about waitr...