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from Clinically Fed Up

This blogger's a shacked-up mother of three, part-time photographer and part-time everything else she's required to be under some law nobody told her about. 80% of her life revolves around laundry....


All day breakfast (includes porridge)

from Cooking the History Books

Twitter: @TimeTaster

A blog where she documents her experiments in cooking recipes from bygone eras. From medieval times to the more recent culinary past, she loves to get a real taste of history.


Hearts & Hills

from Celiatime

Twitter: @celiatime

Meet Celia: full time housewife, full time fictional character. This video blog delves into her most intimate concerns.


Looking after our youngest children

from Carolyn Meggitt's Blog

Twitter: @Voyseygirl

A blog by a midwife writing who writes textbooks about issues in child development and health, who's keen on Italian and who loves to travel down the Thames in her little boat Cecilia.

Cleio Musings

Natural vs medicalised childbirth

from Cleio's Musings

Twitter: @musecleio

Since this blogger's daughter was born in February 2012, she's been a stay-at-home mother. She likes to craft, cook, bake and read. This blog is a journal of her endeavours.


The 5 day chicken challenge…Day One

from Cookonashoestring

Eating on a budget doesn't have to be dreary !

Crafty Teuchter

Eight by eight project

from CraftyTeuchter

Twitter: @jomacshep

The random musings of a Highland mum and crafter.


What January Needs is Mars Bar Vodka

from Carrots and Kids

Twitter: @carrotsandkids

A mother of five sets out to create more home-grown, homemade offerings for her family.


Day 366 it's the end

from Comfort In Sound

Twitter: @Daley_84

This blogger's a full time dad to two beautiful daughters who works in the fitness industry. Join him for tales of parenting, pods and more.


2012: The year that was

from Crankymonkeys in London

Twitter: @crankymonkeys

An Estonian tackles life in London with two sons, a husband, a cat and a live-in mother.