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Confessions Of An Overthinker

Lessons From Chicken Pox – Going With The Flow Of Life

from Confessions Of An Overthinker

A mum of 2 sharing how my understanding of the 3 principles helps me not take my thinking so seriously in the hope this will help others.

Chooks and Roots

All change at Chook Cottage

from Chooks and Roots

Twitter: @chooksandroots

Seeing the funny side of gardening and keeping chickens. Read all the books, watch all the shows, ignore most of the advice. Results more by luck than judgement.

Serena Trowbridge

Book Review: The Children Act

from Culture and Anarchy

Twitter: @serena_t

Cultural things - the things that makes Serena think. Books, art, history, even TV; these are the things she needs to keep her sane!


wanna – researching how parents spend money on their babies…..

from Cambridge Mummy

Twitter: @cambridgemummy

A full-time working mum shares her guilt, exhaustion and humour, plus two toddler boys.


Growing up without a dad

from Cottonwool and Eggshells

A parenting blog written by a mum of four


30 Days Wild – Buriton Pond

from Country Heart City Home

City living with country yearnings, learning to be happy where I am.


(sort of) Cultural Activity.

from Commonplace Book

Musings on sewing school uniforms from scratch, attempting to make a handmade wardrobe and teaching ante natal classes.


Art House 2015: The Art of the Extraordinary

from Clarendon Spark

The blog from the heart of Leicester's Clarendon Park.


The Truth About Pregnancy

from Calm in the Chaos

Calm in the Chaos

Chasing the Donkey

Ready, Set, Swim: 11 Of The Best Beaches in Croatia

from Chasing the Donkey

A Mum & wife, now expat, who packed up my very typical Australian life and shifted it along with my Husband and Son to rebuild the old house we inherited in Croatia & make it our home.