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Confessions of a summer parent

from confessions of a slummy mummy

Photography and parenting.


An Evening with Omar Allibhoy and Olive It!

from City Coastal Lifestyle

Lifestyle, photography, travel, life in our city by the sea and beyond.


Carry on for kids

from Cider Pashmina

Like a beer coat, but more acceptable in the Home Counties. Owner of a cross-eyed cat and two children (not cross-eyed).

Clare Elise Sparkles

Remember Date Nights? JUST US BOX

from Clare Elise Sparkles

Twitter: @clareelise

I'm a Singer, Radio Presenter, Blogger & YouTuber living in the UK after living in Dubai for nearly 5 years.


My review of the Beets Blu Heart rate monitor


A blog about my life as a crafter, teacher and new mummy!


Silence is Golden (Particularly When Living With Two Noisy Tykes)

from Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream

A personal blog detailing my life as a mum of two, former PR, ice cream pedlar and coffee mainliner


Mystery Shopping: Part 3 – Apps

from Chammy In Real Life

A personal blog filled with rants, opinions, reviews, recipes and anything else I can get my typing fingers at.


Love is a Birch

from Compartmentsee

Twitter: @catmar7

Photography and writing on cultural differences, home, relocation, bilingualism and observations of everyday life.

Carmel Harrington

Harper Collins Summer Party 2016

from Carmel Harrington

Twitter: @happymrsh

Author, Playwright, Freelance Journalist, Blogger. I love to write. In between my real job of being Mrs H and Mummy H to my little H's.


How to Beat a Blogging Block

from Clementine rocks

A parenting and lifestyle blog by a thirty something new mum.