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A Mother Knows

The finished buttercup cardigan

from A Mother Knows

The experiences of a thirtysomething London journalist on maternity leave, whose son spent his first five months in hospital. Follow this blogger as she writes about motherhood and neonatal healthcar...

all about the Bs

The end of the Boobies

from All About The Boobies!

Follow this blogger on her journey dealing with her Mam's breast cancer and she deals with a hyper toddler and breastfeeding a baby girl. Sometimes life feels like it's all about the boobies!


Lollipox and Poison

from Adventures of A Working Mum

Career catastrophes, toddler tantrums and the secrets of surviving from a seasoned working mum and blogger.


Kitchen installation: 3rd time lucky?

from A Woman's Work

A blog by a North London mother who is moving into and refurbishing a house, while juggling two children under 5 and living in a building site.



from Aggie & Ewan: Home on the Range

Twitter: @AggieMacKenzie

TV presenter Aggie reveals her cooking cosmos with son Ewan, a kitchen whiz and budding chef.


from Algars Academy Anecdotes

Twitter: @RinnyAlgar

Narinda's a private tutor/qualified teacher who runs a drama club at weekends, writes books and is mum to two children. She blogs about managing her 9-year-old daughter's dyslexia and about education...

adventures of a middle-aged matron

from Adventures of A Middle-Aged Matron

Twitter: @ageingmatron

A record of the mysteries and amusements of rearing two children, by a journalist who's learning to be the vicar's wife.


from A Name for All Seasons

Why do parents choose the names that they do for their children? This eccentric blog provides an insight into the rhyme and reason of the name game.


from Afro Boudoir

Twitter: @afroboudoir

Style tips for black and mixed race women.


from A Mama in Chile

Twitter: @tamisnmichelle

This blog chronicles the journey of a British SAHM living halfway round the world, in Chile, with her two children.