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Age allowances and other finances: how to make the most of them

from AgeAdvisor

Twitter: @ageadvisor

This blogger's convinced of one thing: that growing older is not all about growing old.


Am I too old, or just unfit...

from AmsterdaMummy

Twitter: @AmsterdaMummy

A blog by an English Mum in Amsterdam who makes pots of tea wherever she goes on her bike...


Dust bunnies ate my homework

from Adventures of a First Time Mum

Twitter: @Firsttimemum1

A funny look at navigating the pitfalls of being a first time mum while trying to keep hold of 'normal life'. I'm scared of dirty nappies, crying babies and sleep deprivation. This could get rough!


Mothering Sunday

from Au Pair Mum Blog

A London mum tells tales about hosting au pairs, what it takes to be a good host mother, how to cope with culture differences and common issues among au pairs and host parents.


from And The Heart Grows Fonder

A collection of musings, stories and photographs from a mother of two living in West London.


Kite surfing – on the South Coast

from Aardvarks and Aeroplanes

A children's activities co-ordinator shares fun ideas and activities for families in and around London.


And back to Britain's favourite discussion: The Weather

from Another London Mummy

Twitter: @miekasmiles

A blog by a London mummy who has recently moved to the country, which covers the challenges of relocating away from the lights of London. May contain reviews, recipes and some humour.


Uh Oh

from A Day in The Life of Cordy; a Baby with Seizures

This is a blog about epilepsy, hypermobility, a toddler and her two crazy parents!


2 Months with child in Thailand

from Asia On Strollers - Travel to Asia with little children

Twitter: @

Gil and Julia started Asia on Strollers to share their love of travel in Asia, strongly believing that it's even more amazing to travel with child than without. They left their day jobs and began...

A Mother Knows

The finished buttercup cardigan

from A Mother Knows

The experiences of a thirtysomething London journalist on maternity leave, whose son spent his first five months in hospital. Follow this blogger as she writes about motherhood and neonatal healthcar...