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Girl in the city Glasgow

an interlude

from Girl in the City Glasgow

Twitter: @GirlinthecityG

A 30 something girl in the city of Glasgow on fashion, beauty, lifestyle. Voted one of Scotland's most eligible women, Girl in the City is a freelance Style writer, full time Arts & Culture PR and...


Where Have I Been? Update

from BeckyLovesXO

A very new beauty blog.


from BerryFace

The eczema beauty blog


Pixi Lumi Lux Bronze Palette

from Blogger

Beauty & lifestyle

The LDN Diaries

5 Easy Ideas For World Nutella Day

from The LDN Diaries

Twitter: @TheLDNDiaries

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle


How to choose sunscreen, according to Zelens

from Face Goop

The internet's silliest beauty blog


photo-a-week challenge – Week 5 – Clouds

from Lipglossed Ninja

A blog about life, love, beauty & everything in between


What's the point of an accountant?

from Futures

Twitter: @OhNoItsBex

A UK parenting, lifestyle and beauty blog


Travelling for control freaks

from Minimum the Bare

Twitter: @minimumthebare

The back to work beauty blog.


from Rachel Lawler

Twitter: @LawlerRach

A mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.