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from Budget Beauty and Babies

A blog containing beauty tips and parenting articles for the modern woman.


Australian Bodycare Facial Wash, Spot Stick, Hand and Foot Cream, Tea Tree Oil...

from Beautifinous

Twitter: @beautifinous

Beauty blog for mums and generally busy women who love beauty but have no time!

British Beauty Blogger

Sleek Matte Me

from British Beauty Blogger

True beauty news, views and opinion from industry insider.


Bethany Update - Month 19

from Unevenlemming Beauty

Twitter: @unevenlemming

This is my journey from being a beauty junkie to a yummy mummy, and the products that have helped me along the way.


How To Win Over Your Client In 60 seconds!

from The Makeup Mocha Mom

How to's, beauty tip, beauty news of all aspects for busy moms

Beauty Swot

REN Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift Review

from Beauty Swot

Twitter: @beautyswot

A beauty news and review site. Afternoon tea reviews and a Friday Column where anything goes.


How Chemo Affect Your Eyelashes And How to Deal With It?

from Washington

We are here to provide reviews on top beauty products and beauty skin care tips.

Berry’s Beauty

Rossi Uvema Intense Rejuvenation Rose & Pink Clay Face Mask

from Berry’s Beauty

Twitter: @berrys_beauty

Makeup and Beauty Blog - dedicated natural and organic skincare section

Beauty Lover

Perfect Contour Duo

from Beauty Lover

Twitter: @_BeautyLover_

I'm an older than average beauty and skincare blogger, and I will share with you my reviews of products that I have purchased.


from Mixed Gems

Covering all things beauty and written by a beauty professional working in PR and Social Media in London.