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Tinky Tonk

Unfinished projects and their part in my downfall.

from Tinky Tonk Craft Blog

Twitter: @KellyWhittle

This craft blog is written by a mum who juggles looking after her toddler in London, commuting and working.

legacy organiser

From Cheerios to Charlie's Angels – a Mum's First Photo Shoot

from Legacy Organiser

A blog by one business-minded mumpreneur who jumped on the market to launch her iPhone app, Legacy Organiser.


KIT day 2...

from Teetering to The Brink of Insanity and Back again...

Twitter: @froggle83

A blog that's keeping this solicitor and recent unexpected mother sane. Take a tour through the journey of her mind...


Dad 46: The Hell of Mocks.

from Dad46

Twitter: @dad_46

A blog written by a father of twin, teens and a tween living in the provinces. He's an author, broadcaster, journalist, lawyer…..fantasist. The hormones are flying and Will is stuck in the...

how she does it

The ?good husband? advantage: why you?re a bit screwed without it

from How She Does It

An international blog for women trying to "do it all".


Happy New Year!

from Dad Of Two's Blog

Miguel is a dad of two and an engineer in the software industry. He blogs about his children, his job and explains why all households need a 'make-everything-ok' button.


Lollipox and Poison

from Adventures of A Working Mum

Career catastrophes, toddler tantrums and the secrets of surviving from a seasoned working mum and blogger.

working mum in the real world

Halloween fun, feeling wrecked.....coming out of the other side!

from Working Mum in The Real World

One working mum of two and her adventures in the real world. Aaaargh!

Single Mumtrepreneur

Please vote we want to win

from Single Mumtrepreneur

Twitter: @excelsiorRp_AA

Amanda's a single mum of one son who's recently started her own business. Drop in to find out about her hectic, rewarding life - and why she wouldn't have it any other way.


Child logistics

from Mother with Nits Masquerades as Lawyer

A blog featuring the life and tribulations of a thirtysomething mother of five children, lawyer and small business owner. Join the confessionista to get down to the nitty-gritty of being a lawyer...