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from Property Newshound

Twitter: @Propertyjourn

Graham is a freelance property journalist and his blog covers the latest topical property news.


from Mama Sherry

Twitter: @rosiesherry

This is a blog by a busy geeky mum of three boys who's interested in business.


from Mrs Baker's Cakes

This work-at-home mum has three children under six. Join her on her journey as a cake designer and tutor. Join her if you're into baking as a hobby.


If babies could talk, what would they say?

from Life's for inventing, not relenting

Twitter: @anywayupcup

Mandy's blog takes a look at inventing and business with a special focus on baby feeding. She also enjoys sharing anecdotes and tips with other mumpreneurs.


from Dora's House

As a working mother and childminder, this blogger's writing so that parents can get a feel for who she is a person. She's also sharing ideas with the world.


from Musings of an Inappropriate Woman

Twitter: @

Gender, creativity and the politics of everyday life.


from Compare My Spend

Twitter: @comparemyspend

A blog discussion ways to reduce your expenditure in areas without changing your lifestyle leading to an iphone app launch end of September


from Minestrone Soul

Twitter: @minestronesoul

Business, marketing and getting your shit together for multipassionate small business owners. How to reduce overwhelm, take action and share your gifts instead of getting pulled under by them.

Living With Kids

from Living with Kids

Helping families practically, emotionally and financially.


from Doingitall

An independent single female, mother of one and an entrepreneur - I have never fit the mould... nor would I want to.