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Pan-Frying or The Tefal Optigrill: A Steak Experiment

from Comfort Bites

Twitter: @joromerofood

Comfort Bites is a food blog celebrating great comfort food that is designed to be eaten slowly. With news, reviews and recipes from all over the world.

Dear Drama With Love, Umi The Master Rantor

Dear Diary, I Had My First Claustrophobic Attack

from Dear Drama With Love, Umi The Master Rantor

Documenting the tiny misadventures and battles with poop, pee and barf, ever so expanding waistline and my goddamn sanity.


Times, They're a Changing: More Writer, Less Mother?

from Expat Life with a Double Buggy

Twitter: @amandavmulligen

Sharing the ups, the downs and the in-betweens of parenting abroad.


12 Common Myths: Family Law for Expats

from Family In Spain

Living, loving and laughing about family life in Spain. No complaining ... but maybe an occasional rant!


Back to basics: my New Month's Resolutions for October 2015

from Globetrotting in Heels

Globetrotting in Heels is about living as an expat,

Lavender and Lime

Recipe For Sweet Potato Soup

from Lavender and Lime

Twitter: @tandysinclair

I am a foodie who is passionate about regional and seasonal produce.


A Collage of October Garden Colour

from Eco-GItesof Lenault

A blog about our family's life on a smallholding in France where we also have a family friendly holiday cottage.

Running in Lavender

My Captured Moment #40 {A Picture Link-up}

from Running in Lavender

Twitter: @heleddlavender

I write about the things that make me happy, including; travel, beauty, fashion, tv, films and running through lavender with my girls.

Central Minnesota Mom

Super Genius Multiplication 1 by Blue Orange Games

from Central Minnesota Mom

Twitter: @karenvnelson

SAHM of three sharing product reviews, giveaways, deals, Minnesota events, travel, recipes, and crafts.


No Free Ride

from 40again

Twitter: @40again

Follow the adventures of this business owner, wife and mother, who loves food, red wine, chocolate and writing.