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Travel and Expat Living



The Good Life

from Our French Oasis

Family life and living the French Dream with our five children - exploring, cooking and gardening according to the seasons in France


Family Fun at the Wheels and Wings Show

from Travelling With Our Kids

Family Travel, Outdoor Life, Tips & Advice

Style By Sillvia

My New Hair, Goldilocks!

from Style By Silvia

Twitter: @silvianjoki

I am a young mum living in Kenya, a fashion stylist, who loves to sew, knit and crochet for me and my daughter.


Meet the Maker: A Chat with Mork in Melbourne, Australia

from Ultimate Hot Chocolate

My blog is about my travels (with my 20 month old) around the world in search of the ultimate hot chocolate.


Empty Spaces…when kids have gone away to school

from Africa Expat Wives Club

British expat and mum of 3. The joys, trials and tribulations of living long term in East Africa.


Smoked Salmon and Dill Kind of Tartare

from Comfort Bites

Twitter: @joromerofood

Comfort Bites is a food blog celebrating great comfort food that is designed to be eaten slowly. With news, reviews and recipes from all over the world.



from Do In Dubai

This blogger's writing about her real, recent experiences of living in Dubai, as a mum of two teenage girls.


American Presidential Election According to an American Expat

from Finding Dutchland

Finding Dutchland is a lifestyle blog offering inspirational and educational material for all women, especially expats.

Lavender and Lime

Recipe For Hrapoćuša Cake

from Lavender and Lime

Twitter: @tandysinclair

I am a foodie who is passionate about regional and seasonal produce.

Running in Lavender

My Baby's Sitting Up! {My Captured Moment #91}

from Running in Lavender

Twitter: @heleddlavender

I write about the things that make me happy, including; travel, beauty, fashion, tv, films and running through lavender with my girls.