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Travel and Expat Living



Jamaica Points of Interest

from Ocho Rios Jamaica

My blog focuses on the resort town of Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Everything you need to know in one place.

Tin Box Traveller

TravelTimehop series edition #4 with Baby a Fi

from Tin Box Traveller

Twitter: @tinboxtraveller

I blog about my travels, tips for other happy campers, and things we've enjoyed doing as a Tin Box family


Contiki Alternatives


Travelling the world a dollar at a time


Ira Glass Explains it All For You

from A Puppet Opera

Twitter: @puppetopera

The adventures of an American mother in London: One English husband, one Edwardian house, two kids under four and manipulating a whole lot of strings! Tears, laughter, curtain.


Why you must fit a coolant alarm to your Bongo!

from YellowFields

This blogger loves camping, campfires and ropeswings. She's writing about campsites, campfire cooking, outdoor activites for kids, and much more.

My fabulous Swiss, Italian, English expat life


from My fabulous Swiss, Italian, English expat life

A Dutch mum of two writes about her expat life in England, Italy and Switzerland


Buying or Selling a House in France? There's no MLS system here.

from French Mamma

Twitter: @FrenchMamma

Carrieanne is an American writer living in France with her French husband. This blog documents her adventures being pregnant and parenting in France.

we bought a french house

Joyeux Noel part 5

from we bought a french house

Twitter: @companyedvic

Fashion Magazine editor by day. French middle-of-nowhere house blogger and renovator in the holidays.


Toy Mysteries

from Mum's Hideout

UK expat life in Abu Dhabi, the funny side of parenting and its calamities, one woman's search for a few moments of calm amidst the chaos


Ever considered leasing a car? You will now!

from Muddy Stilettos

Twitter: @muddystiletto

The urban guide to the countryside in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, aimed at cosmopolitan women who don't have the time to find out the best bits about where they live.