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Travel and Expat Living



from Cookarlo

A bilingual (English-Spanish) blog about homeschooling through the preschool years by the bilingual couple Ruth and Roberto.


Drinking Healthy

from I'm in Town

She has recently moved to England from America and is trying to reach out to other mums and hopefully create some kind of connection. Being a mum isn't easy and same with being new to a country....

pregnancy and childbirth around the world

#25 Taking Stock

from Pregnancy and Childbirth Around the World

A blog by a mum of three with a degree in Anthropology who's interested in how women get pregnant and give birth all around the world. Tune in for facts, figures, cultural customs and trends on pregn...


Kmart Layaway....It's all new to me!

from Waiting to Emigrate

Follow Lou as her family prepares to emigrate to the US.

city girl by the beach

The Family are coming Beverley Hill Billies Style

from A City Girl by the Beach

Follow the musings of a city girl who relocated to the beach in Camber Sands, in East Sussex...


A mouthful in the South

from High on Life

Twitter: @

A blog mostly about travels to extraordinary places and lovingly shared them to her loyal readers. Her goal is to virtually entertain you and for you to enjoy them vicariously through her.

The circus of (London) life

Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman – ring true?

from The Circus of (London) Life

Twitter: @ImaginateMum

A sticky-fingered, grubby-kneed look at London.


Things that make us smile…

from The Learner Mom

Twitter: @learnermom

This Johannesburg-based mum has learned so many lessons since her daughter was born. She's written them up in the hope that this advice might help other (delusional) new moms.


A Brick Barn room at The Olde Bell in Hurley

from TheHotelBitch

Confessions from a filthy hotel habit


Bivouac – a genuine getaway from it all break

from I'd Like to Go There

Twitter: @idliketogothere

What makes this blogger happy? What transports her away to sunnier, warmer or even snowier places? The answer is holidays and days out, going to elusive travel destinations.