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Travel and Expat Living



Celebrating the BFG film release

from Wildlife Travel

The best of family travel adventure & food.


Happy Mondays #4 :watch videos for kids on YouTube safely

from The Family Treasure

Twitter: @elituesbay

Adventures of a Spanish-Brazilian family in UK


Sri Lanka- the minefield of tipping and fair tuk tuk fares

from Family (M)Adventures

Twitter: @familymadventu

Family (M)Adventures


OXO Tot & For Aisha | Review

from Classic Grl

Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle & Parenting blog


7 Sensible Tips for Traveling with Tots

from A Mainer in the Maharees

A Maine girl writing from West Kerry about life as an 'yank' in rural Ireland with two children.



from Catherine's Cultural Wednesdays

Twitter: @CulturalWed

Once a week I head out of the house and go to see something out of the ordinary, whilst I'm travelling I read a book.


Et le papa dans tout ├ža?

from A mother in the city

A Freaking FunFashionFood loving working mother in Brussels sharing her experiences through her blog.

paper cup cafe

A new business: one nibble at a time

from To eat and to woo

Twitter: @toeatandtowoo

I write about food from the perspective of a busy mum.

A Green Mouse

Hedgehogs in Spanish Story

from A Green Mouse

Twitter: @1AGreenMouse

Fun listening practice in French and Spanish to help children enjoy learning languages and develop their listening and speaking skills.


Struggling to Maintain a Minority Language with Kids

from Ginger and Scotch

Two expats living in Dubai. Ginger is always eating and Scotch is always drinking. Food adventures. Travel memoirs. Family recipes.