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The Magic Realism of the Czech Republic

from Adventures in the Czech Republic

A British woman who has been visiting the Czech Republic since the Velvet Revolution and now owns a house there. This blog explores the differences and similarities between the two nationalities.

Dear Drama With Love, Umi The Master Rantor


from Dear Drama With Love, Umi The Master Rantor

Documenting the tiny misadventures and battles with poop, pee and barf, ever so expanding waistline and my goddamn sanity.


Introducing Little Mixtures! (PAP Success story)

from Polly Mixtures

Twitter: @polly_mixtures

Chocolate scoffing, wine quaffing tea addict with a penchant for baking! Originally a Brightonian, now living in Gib with my little family.


Winnie the Poo for new fathers

from Step by Step

It's a personal account of living life step by step: travel, being a dad, wider culture and what the future may have in store for us.


Why you should see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy

from Suitcases and Sandcastles

I write about family travel with tips and ideas for holidays and days out, together with books to read along the way.

Africa Expat Wives Club

Surfs up in Portugal

from Africa Expat Wives Club

The diary of a British expat housewife in Kenya, with three children and no housework to do. News, views, debate and a healthy dose of trivia.


BabyZen YOYO+ Pushchair Review

from Flying With A Baby

Your ultimate guide to flying with young children. Full of insider tips - by an ex flight attendant and Mummy of two tots.


Passports and other useful admin for British babies born in the US

from Toddling Round New York

Twitter: @ToddlingRoundNY

The highs and lows of moving from London to New York with young kids


Days 83 – 86 Rarotonga

from Brave Enough to Start

A blog chronicling the preparation and journey of our family's year long adventure around the world.


Kytö and the Broom Tree

from Barely Here Nor There

An exploration of identity through my experiences of migration with my family.