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Style and Beauty



Pregnancy Update 29 weeks.

from Bella Clarke

Twitter: @bellaclarkemua

A "day in the life" style blog: sharing reviews, learning curves, opinions on beauty, growing up and more.


Another jumper post?? really?...

from The Style Scoliosis Diaries

This blog offers tips to young people wearing a brace, from a 20-something diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 16 who wore a boston brace till 18. Also general talk about life and beauty/fashion...


Boys Winter Coats

from Little Boy Red

This mother of two boys is frustrated about the lack of choice she has in clothing for them. Great if you like navy and beige! She's highlighting children's designers and their designs for interestin...



from From Slattern to Beauty

Follows this blogger on her journey from frumpy twenty-something mum of 2 under 2 to the fashionable young person she used to be.


What's in a capsule wardrobe?

from Sick of my style rut

This forty-something woman is trying to break out of a jumper-and-bootcut-jeans style rut by wearing 50 different outfits in the 50 days 'til Christmas.


We've moved!

from My Mills Baby

Twitter: @mymillsbaby

Originally dedicated to her upcoming arrival, this blog has now evolved into a post pregnancy scrapbook all about baby Dexter. It is, simply put, a collection of pictures, videos and snippets of her...

AKA Muma

Potty Training A Nineteen Month Old. Am I Mad?

from A.K.A MUMA

Twitter: @misstreherne

An honest account of motherhood with a bit of lifestyle and fashion thrown in for good measure. She is many things, to many people. But is also known as Muma.

Glimmer & Gloss Beauty

Aveda Invati Review

from Glimmer & Gloss Beauty

A blog about beauty products, featuring nail art and different makeup looks from a professional freelance makeup artist.


One year on and 40lbs gone!

from I Like to Treat Myself

Twitter: @katoabes

Beauty reviews and tips, also covering cooking, baking and feeding a 2 year old!


LOVE the new ZZ Top album La Futura ??

from Childbearing Hip

Twitter: @mrs_mckiernan

This is a blog about fashion by a young mother and wife - hop in to find all things chic and hip!