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Makeup for Every Occasion

from fashion marissa

Hello, Myself is Marissa Dsilva. I am crazy about fashions. I doing fashin designing.


The Awful Tooth

from Freefallinginto40

Twitter: @the40yearold

Navigating motherhood, marriage, work, schooling and fashion in my new life as a 40+ year old.


A whole year without buying clothes - Done!

from Linda's Wardrobe Challenge

I'm not buying any clothes for a year but instead revamping and upcycling the clothes I already own. I include many tutorials and style tips


Whats In My Bag.

from LocaEnAmor

A blog for not so young, young mums. London based mum who loves all things fashion, babies and blogging !


Antioxidant Salad – Recipe for Skin Boosting

from BeautyGlimpse

Expert beauty advice, home remedies, beauty tips, deals and fashion trends all in one place at

Treat The Skin You're In

An Organic Golden Elixir of Pure Nourishment & Elegance

from Treat The Skin You're In

Twitter: @treat_your_skin

Personal words from a late 30's woman who wants to discover and share everything about great skin care - treating from inside and out.


Bourjois twist up the volume mascara review

from Dream In Colour

Twitter: @Dream1ncolour

A fun, multi tasking, 20 something,Addicted to blogging about beauty, fashion and life!


Bourjois twist up the volume mascara review

from Mrsbradley11

My life in writing, love, family, baby, fashion and beauty


3D Lashes by Lashem: Extensions in a Bottle Mascara Review

from Beauty By Krysti

Fashion/Lifestyle blog featuring my tips and advice on life, parenting and looking fabulous.


I did it “My Way”

from mymarilynmoments

Contemporary lifestyle nad fashion commentary based on the wisdom and words of stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood