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It's A Brow Thing ...!

from Beauty and the Biryani

Beauty, make-up, music and food addict. I'm not the beauty - just the addict! A working mum's attempt at a little time-out (sanity)!


Modern Harajuku

from Beauty By Krysti

Fashion/Lifestyle blog featuring my tips and advice on life, parenting and looking fabulous.


Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Q&A

from Doing A Lot With A Little

The life, thoughts and style of a young single mum to one awesome little boy.

two hip hippos

sewing for Christmas 2014

from Poppy in Stitches

A blog about sewing, quilting, dressmaking and food, containing everything from quirky quilts to raspberry souffles.


The Skin Game Changer | Clinique Sonic System

from The Life of a Beauty Addict

Twitter: @NicoleFaulksie

The Life of a Beauty Addict is a blog for me to share my thoughts and opinions on all things Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle!


Last weekend...

from Boutique Bootcamp

To support those that are on a weight loss journey. Health, beauty, exercise and fashion for new mums and mums with older children.


How do I wear metallic fashions this autumn?

from We Lesser Mortals

Fashion help for normal women with less than perfect bodies, limited time and restricted to High Street stores. Looks at the seasons trends.



from Miss Lucy Loves

Fashion, beauty, lifestyle and interiors blog.

Size 15 Stylist

Blogging connections

from Size 15 Stylist

A chat about shopping for yourself and shopping with children; feeling good is looking good.


Blogging connections

from Size15Stylist

A chat about shopping and writing from a mummy-of-one.