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Sport and exercise



Body pump for toddlers or Zumba to Wheels on the Bus, anyone?

from Body-in-Bloom

Fitness for motherhood. My quest to find time for myself to get fitter and healthier. Inspiration for other mums.

Eye see the ice

Making the Right Decisions...

from Eye See the Ice

Twitter: @EyeSeeTheIce

A blog about the adventures of a twentysomething adult who's learning to figure skate


How do you define success?

from Fighting fit @fitesprit

Twitter: @fitesprit

I write articles to encourage, motivate and educate people in areas of health, fitness and wellbeing



from Young Bikers

A blog about kids cycling to school, in words and pictures...


Training in the Wind!

from Wheel life

A blog all about cycling. From the latest tech to how to get started.



from The 40 Ouch rest of my life challenge

Started out as an attempt to document starting strength training, but wandered off into my attempts to get fit by any means possible post 40


I am back and with a new website!

from Lifestyle, Film, Health/Fitness, Aquariums & Technology - My Life, My Blog

Twitter: @reubenrd

A parent blogger, blogging about his interests (Lifestyle, Film, Health/Fitness, Aquariums & Technology) - I hope you enjoy my blog.


Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans….

from Mentored by Fiona

Advice on the subject of women's health & fitness aimed primarily at instructors/personal trainers but also of interest to mums in general


5 Reasons I Love The Hooping Game!

from Vive La Revolution!

All about hula hooping - gorgeous hoops, hoop thoughts, tutorials, making hoops, hooping for fitness, dance and well being.



from Tennis Kids Uk

Starting out in tennis? Want to know what Mini Tennis is all about? Get the low down, here!