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Wishlist: Jones Bootmaker

from Smeethsaysfashion

Smeethsaysfashion does more than it's name suggests! We cover many topics; fashion, beauty, books, food, fitness, technology and more. There are reviews, information posts and some pleasant rambling...


My Super Balm | Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm Multi

from Glowology

Twitter: @ukglowology

Glowology: feel good beauty and wellbeing for us fab over 40s trying to look and feel the best we can!


Crash dieting or fasting makes you lose weight – true or false?

from Chasing Dreams

First time mom , first time blogger (about 1 month old ) and topics are mainly healthy eating , fitness , workouts and parental issues. Core of the blog relates to fitness.


A Parisian adventure

from Fit2Thrive

I want my son to thrive which means chasing and achieving his dreams. Make everyday a step towards the life he wants to live.

Ordinary Cycling Girl

Bike Wheels and Their Importance

from Ordinary Cycling Girl

Twitter: @OrdCyclingGirl

A women's cycling blog from an ordinary girl, discovering and loving life on two wheels.


I've run 7,000km – here's how I could have spent the time better

from Mam On The Run

Mam on the Run, a blog for anyone who eats, drinks and is merry – and wants to read about a 44-year-old mother who runs marathons, slowly.

My Resolution Challenge

How To Find The Laughter In Your Life

from My Resolution Challenge

Twelve New Year's resolutions spread out over twelve months of the year. Follow my crazy journey as I tackle weight loss, exercise, creative endeavours and learn to knit!


Scholl Muscle Therapy Percussion Massager

from Nelc3

Twitter: @Nelc03

My blog is about my fun-filled life with my two children. They will be honest, heart felt, interesting and hopefully funny.


Top 5 TV dads

from racket sport fan

My blog was created because I am really into racket sports.


When Should A Child Stop Swimming Lessons?

from Splash n Swim

Swimming blog