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Special Needs



Chilterns Crematorium

from The accessible bog blog

Pictures and a brief discription of disabled loos.

Parenting a Child with Autism

The post with no title...

from Parenting a Child with Autism

Im a single Mum to my gorgeous little boy who has autism. This is my personal journey through the highs and lows of raising a child with ASD

Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

Mollie's Birthday

from Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

The daily struggles of living with a child with PDA, statergies, understanding and useful links.

Blue With A Touch Of Pink

The Funny Side Of Learning A Foreign Language

from Blue With A Touch Of Pink

Twitter: @katesvie

An 'everything' blog: parenting, special needs, food and general daily musings of the world through my eyes...beware...I have found my controversial voice (sometimes)!


Lord Freud minimum wage or top up state

from Really Useful Stuff

Really Useful Stuff


Flap Away My Son!

from Sonny Days

Learning from a boy with autism and ADHD, exploring London and having fun


Work at home with SBI! SiteSell

from LifeWithASD

All about living life on the Autism Spectrum including our own stories.


18 months post op!

from Abe's Adventure

Twitter: @abes_adventure

Abe Astur is a little boy with a form of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia. His family are taking him on his Adventure to America - to get his legs fixed!


Birthdays, storms and passions

from noprizesfornormal

Books, kids, politics, feminism, Aspergers

My Son Isaac

The weight of the world on tiny shoulders

from My Son Isaac; A Dad's Perspective

Twitter: @copyiswritten

Matt Davis blogs about his five-year-old son's autism. He's a parent patron of Ambitious About Autism. Isaac was diagnosed with high-functioning autism just after his third birthday.