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October Update

from Special Family- The Funny Side

Clare's take on raising a 13-year-old boy with complex special needs, while balancing work, twins, her husband and all the rest of it. Obviously life does not always go to plan, but Clare believes...


A Poem For My Twin

from Strange & Beautiful

Twitter: @RachelPapers

Rachel blogs about having an autistic child. Her blog is inspiring and practical, so tune in for a fascinating and useful read.


The Rage

from The Sixth Element

Twitter: @ComeWhineWithMe

In an ideal world, this blogger would live in bed and read books all day. In the real world, she's a mother of six, one of whom is schooled at home.


from Algars Academy Anecdotes

Twitter: @RinnyAlgar

Narinda's a private tutor/qualified teacher who runs a drama club at weekends, writes books and is mum to two children. She blogs about managing her 9-year-old daughter's dyslexia and about education...


from From the East End to the Far East

Follow a family as they adapt to expat life in Hong Kong and the challenge of supporting a child with special needs.

not as advertised

from Special Needs Jungle

Twitter: @TaniaLT

When life doesn't go as's time for a new plan. Read this blog about writing and being a mum to two boys with Aspergers Syndrome.

Just Bring the Chocolate

from Just Bring the Chocolate

Twitter: @Renatabplus3

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Parenting special needs children- one undiagnosed, one Aspie and their sibling.


from Bubbleboo

Twitter: @bubbleboo

A parenting blog with information about autism, writing, photography and lots more. Which bubble will you step into?


from Doing it all for Aleyna

Twitter: @allforaleyna

This mother blogs about the rather haphazard goings on in her life while she's bringing up her very special, special needs little girl.

Wired a different way

from Wired a Different Way

Twitter: @wiredway

A mum of two suffering with Asperger's syndrome, blogging about how to make the most out of family life with autism.