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Special Needs



Achieving Excellence with Dyslexia

from Reading Bridges

Twitter: @readingbridges

Linda blogs about how her child's dyslexia spurred her on to create an online virtual world that makes literacy fun for children.

Me and My Zachary

"Mother, I know it's you....."

from Me And My Zachary....

Twitter: @FionaAnnBennett

This blogger's writing about her two children - her eldest is at boarding school so she's living with her son Zachary and their two ex-racing greyhounds. Read on for more about autism, dogs and being...

new zealand


from Green Pastures New

This blogger's making sense of a move to New Zealand, with children who have special needs and require a little more support than the norm.


Road Ahead

from Shades of Violet

A woman shares her days as a mother of six and a carer of two with disabilities.


Uh Oh

from A Day in The Life of Cordy; a Baby with Seizures

This is a blog about epilepsy, hypermobility, a toddler and her two crazy parents!

A Mother Knows

The finished buttercup cardigan

from A Mother Knows

The experiences of a thirtysomething London journalist on maternity leave, whose son spent his first five months in hospital. Follow this blogger as she writes about motherhood and neonatal healthcar...


October Update

from Special Family- The Funny Side

Clare's take on raising a 13-year-old boy with complex special needs, while balancing work, twins, her husband and all the rest of it. Obviously life does not always go to plan, but Clare believes...


A Poem For My Twin

from Strange & Beautiful

Twitter: @RachelPapers

Rachel blogs about having an autistic child. Her blog is inspiring and practical, so tune in for a fascinating and useful read.


The Rage

from The Sixth Element

Twitter: @ComeWhineWithMe

In an ideal world, this blogger would live in bed and read books all day. In the real world, she's a mother of six, one of whom is schooled at home.


from Algars Academy Anecdotes

Twitter: @RinnyAlgar

Narinda's a private tutor/qualified teacher who runs a drama club at weekends, writes books and is mum to two children. She blogs about managing her 9-year-old daughter's dyslexia and about education...