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Special Needs


Five Degrees Of Chaos

The Why

from Five Degrees Of Chaos

Twitter: @5degreesofchaos

Parenting on the edge of sanity, it could go either way...


Happy 7th Birthday Beloved

from The Boy With Five Names

Twitter: @linzi74

Labelled at birth as being severely disabled, The Boy With Five Names proves that despite the harshest beginnings light will always shine.


The Mental Capacity Act and the Obliteration of Family Life for Adult Children

from Michelle Daly's Blog - Welcome to my Ramblings

Twitter: @michelledalyliv

I have an adult daughter with a learning disability. I recently started Monday Warrior Mums blog, which I hope will inspire all who read them.


Why it takes a year to write a blog

from Chatterblocks

Twitter: @chatterblocks

A blog about parenting a child with Specific Language Impairment (SLI). At least 3% of kids will have this unknown invisible disability.

Grace Under Pressure

You've got to do it, to be it, to see it

from Grace under Pressure

Twitter: @SophieRunning

A mother charts the challenges of raising her Asperger daughter, and shares the daily demands of the running regime she's using to raise money for autism awareness.



from Disability and the Single Mum

I want to talk about the lows (and highs) of managing a life, family, home with health issues and no partner. I want to open dialogue.


John Lewis - Leicester

from The accessible bog blog

Pictures and a brief discription of disabled loos.

crew cut and newt

Goodbye world!

from Crewcut and Newt

Twitter: @hill_wheeler

Before her son, this mother subscribed to the school of nurture, not nature. Experience has changed her mind. She asks: Whatever happened to boy power?


Homeschooling: Tackling Literacy

from Aiden's Journey

Our family's journey of living with autism


Little Red Fox

from Don't Let It Get You Down Syndrome

We have a child with Down's Syndrome. We try to see the funny side of it.