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Sex and Relationships



New Year's Revolutions: personal and political

from Dose of Decadence

Twitter: @decadentmadamez

Sex, feminism, erotic writing, selling stuff on market stalls, being silly.


Book corner + review

from Sheki's Blog

a sweet little pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy, being a mamma, and 'being a person' blog/unloading frustration public diary. ;)

romantic frugal mom


from Romantic Frugal Mom

Twitter: @romanticfrugalm

This blog's by a thirtysomething mom battling to keep romance alive in her marriage, despite the time pressures of raising three kids and holding down a full time writing job.

Confessions of a Stay At Home Mum

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from Tiaras and Prozac

Twitter: @MamaUndone

Love and other impossible pursuits. The ramblings of a thirtysomething SAHM who's looking after a party of five.

Catherine Zinger

What A Dead Russian Composer Teaches Us About The Opinion of Others

from Catherine Zinger features a collection of personal, humourous and sometimes serious essays by a 40-something year-old wife, girlfriend and mother of three on life lessons gleaned from living in...


Sex ed in 80's: Nick O'Teen and the ‘film'

from TuesdaysatBills

Dispatches from the frontline of midlife dating

Parsley The Lioness

Everyday heroes

from Parsley

Twitter: @LynnParsley

Musings and rantings of a woman of a certain age, who makes hats and doesn't lose weight.


Being a White Immigrant

from Journey to a Mixed Family

I am the white half of an interracial lesbian marriage. I write about the issues and challenges we face together as a mixed family


Review of Channel 4's Sex in Class

from Sex and Relationship Education Stuff

Twitter: @blindfishideas

A blog looking at a broad range of sexual health issues but focusing on school based sex and relationship education. It's a holistic school programme looking at everything from body image, relationsh...

Kaput, Already

The Cat and the Curiosity (Are You Completionists?)

from Kaput, Already

Twitter: @RenlauO

parenting, music, films, books, art, illness, midlife, relationships