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Sex and Relationships


Sexy Science

4 Attractive Stereotypes You Shouldn't Try to Conform to

from Sexy Science

Twitter: @SexyScience1

News, views and research on sex and attraction, relationships and reproduction

Thank you for the days

Radha Kund

from Thank you for the days

Writing about life – which makes me feel happy and appreciative of all that I've got.

how to raise chickens in peckham

First blog post

from How to Raise Chickens in Peckham

Twitter: @LizDawes

A blog about life, love, kids and chickens.


Three words that can change everything

from The Consciously Incompetent Camel

Twitter: @TheCICamel

I'm a mother who has struggled with many aspects of motherhood so will the help of my gallow's humour I'm started to find my happy place.

Single Plus Baggage

The Netflix Notion

from Single Plus Baggage

A suddenly single 40 year old woman and mother learning how to manage her new status. Emotions, logistics, triumphs, failures and laughter!


Detox Day 1 – FRUIT!

from FitMommaBear

Twitter: @fitmommabear

A blog about pregnancy, keeping fit, eating healthy and dealing with all of the related conundrums


To my husband on our 20th wedding anniversary

from the Hope diaries

Twitter: @Caiobhe

I want to connect with others who are working out the intersections of life and faith, and justice and broken washing machines and children.

Zoe Strimpel

Why Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari became a bestseller

from Zoe Strimpel

Twitter: @zstrimpel

A look at the oddities, ups and downs of being a single woman and the pitfalls and oddities of dating, plus unique analysis of woman-related news.

Break Up and Shine

Closing a door

from Break Up And Shine

Twitter: @breakupandshine

Using self-love and perspective to see the end of your relationship as an opportunity to be the best thing that ever happened to you.



from The Years Are Short

Pondering parenting, relationships, well being; sharing recipes and book reviews and the best bits of life in suburban New Zealand.