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Sex and Relationships



The storm before the calm

from Still Bloody Single

An amusing blog for long-suffering singles, their mothers and their lovers.

Project Me

Are Your Kids Over Scheduled?

from Project Me for Busy Mothers

Twitter: @KellyProjectMe

Project Me helps keep you motivated and inspired to be the best YOU you can be!


The alchemy of dreams: Nightmare!

from Voula Grand

Twitter: @voulagrand

Explore the emotional cost of secrets in marriage through Voula Grand's (soon to be published) fictional narrative.


My Husband Forced Himself On Me

from Dr. Psych Mom

Parenting, relationships, sex, psychology, and even some reality TV. Written by a clinical psychologist and mom of 3.


Tantus Uncut 1 Review: Our Favorite!

from Women and Sexuality

Sexuality, Love, and Relationships. A space for normalizing experiences, product reviews, and helpful guidance for the modern woman.

raising jonah

Why secondary school choice is bunk, but paying for education is probably the...

from Raising Jonah

Twitter: @reprobatemum

Fresh young London-based working mum advocates well fed, slow grown, unentertained kids, with a healthy dose of putting yourself first


Restaurant review: St James, Bushey

from Notes from the Edge

Twitter: @Appleina

Vacuous ramblings from the edge. This blogger's covering single parenthood, modern relationships, work life balance, daughters, sisters, fashion, culture and other stuff.


Dipping my toe in the first summer holiday as a single mum!

from Not Exactly What It Says On The Ring

Surviving the emotional rollercoaster of an extramarital affair, marriage breakdown and life as a single parent.


Knocked Up Abroad – AGAIN

from The Expat Partner's Survival Guide

Trailing spouse? Expat wife? Accompanying partner? Whatever you call it, this blog will discuss it.


Roughly 89% of our texts are as follows: (the other 11% being perfectly affable...

from Half waving half drowning

A blog for all my fellow stumblers along; those for whom life's plans and dreams at 20 are so, so far from the current reality.