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Sex and Relationships



There are more than two of us in this marriage…

from the Hope diaries

Twitter: @Caiobhe

I want to connect with others who are working out the intersections of life and faith, and justice and broken washing machines and children.


Passive Pregnancy Discrimination

from Refined Prose

Wedding, marriage and parenting blog.


Guest post: Expat Emergencies and Turbulent Postings – a Child's Perspective.

from The Expat Partner's Survival Guide

Trailing spouse? Expat wife? Accompanying partner? Whatever you call it, this blog will discuss it.


8 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Summer Birthday

from The Pepperrific Life

This blogger's a single mom who's raising her daughter alone while dabbling in the single parent dating scene.


Sugar Daddy Dating? Not As Sweet As You'd Think.

from All Sweetness and Life

Twitter: @katy_red

Katy's a single mum living in central London who works hard, dates hard and shoots from the hip. Weave your way through life's tapestry as Katy talks about older men, holiday flings, broody men,...

Woman, Mother, Wife

Raw chia porridge

from Woman, Mother, Wife

Twitter: @julsieluv5

I have a 'Wife' column where, having recently moved to the island of Malta I strive to find survival means to our marriage


Kiss me honey, honey

from Still Bloody Single

An amusing blog for long-suffering singles, their mothers and their lovers.


Why landmark ruling will spark an increase in claims from disinherited offspring

from Help With Divorce

A helpful blog offering advice and support during divorce or separation.

chronicles of chloe greene

My holiday journal as source material for After The Storm

from Chronicles of Chloe Greene

Twitter: @ChloeGreene21

A blog by a single mother, football fan and dream chaser with flat feet. She writes about trying to survive the 1980s, so dip in for a blast from the past.


Phrased Out: Talking Toddler

from Mumdanity

Twitter: @mumdanity

One Australian mum's journey through parenthood - the good bits, the bad bits and all the madness in-between