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Are we nearly there yet?

from Mills & Boon Wannabe

The day-to-day creative journey of a stay-at-home dad writing a romance novel with his sister and wondering if he can possibly take it seriously.


Sam Taylor Wood has married her 'toyboy'

from Me, My 'Toyboy' and 2.5 Kids

She was over 40, and fell in love with a man more than 10 years younger. This is what happened next.


F Scott Fitzgerald On Point

from Books and Brunch

Twitter: @Ingys Books n Brunch

An honest and amusing blog which draws on tragic, true life experiences, with an underlying message to each blog post. read about smear tests and exes galore

how to raise chickens in peckham

The Headmistress, the Nun and the Washing Machine

from How to Raise Chickens in Peckham

Twitter: @LizDawes

A blog about life, love, kids and chickens.


An Ethical Slut?*

from Brighton Blonde

BB wanted to call her blog "adventures in polyamory" but, due to a run of bad luck, her blog might as well be called: "how not to get a shag when you're over 40".


Budget Jones on…

from Budget Jones

Twitter: @Budget_Jones

The life and times of Budget Jones, single working mum extraordinaire with SOH intact. Just.


from Wishbone

A young newlywed's blog about living in the middle of nowhere, with a clinically insane dog and a couple of cats.

wed in london

from Wed in London

Twitter: @WedinLondon

A thirtysomething Irish mum with a baby daughter is about to get married. She's blogging about weddings for city brides, so drop by for inspiration and a few tiaras.


from Musings of an Inappropriate Woman

Twitter: @

Gender, creativity and the politics of everyday life.

Marilyn Stowe

from Marilyn Stowe blog

Divorce lawyer, author and This Morning's resident legal expert Marilyn Stowe blogs about Family Law.