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Sex and Relationships



Oh Tabitha! Where did it all go wrong?

from The Shy Erotic Writer

Twitter: @tabithaflyte

Writer, Tabitha Flyte explores erotica in a post-Mr Grey world. Hints, reviews, navel gazing and beyond.



from The Ex Factor

It's a blog about life post divorce...everything from how to deal with divorce guilt, the dilemma of getting through Christmas, to whether the new boyfriend is the right boyfriend.


Home Time

from Undercover Mummy

Twitter: @undercovermummy

A Mum of 3 that has to be undercover as she can't risk anyone finding out that Mr P is in prison. This is her life.


My news

from Mummy Anon

Twitter: @MummyAnon

This blogger's writing about her awful marriage and the death of a relationship.

Adventures of Milly and Friends

The End: Farewell

from Adventures of Milly & Friends

Blogging about her post break-up with Prince Charming, Midula (with an alter ego called Milly) is fending off that beastly All By Myself Syndrome and looking for Prince Charming Version 2.

Relationships and More

What do want in your next relationship?

from Relationships and More

Twitter: @Jess_Randall23

Jess Randall's writing about relationships, positive thinking, coping with pressure/ stress and achieving important goals


Are we nearly there yet?

from Mills & Boon Wannabe

The day-to-day creative journey of a stay-at-home dad writing a romance novel with his sister and wondering if he can possibly take it seriously.


Sam Taylor Wood has married her 'toyboy'

from Me, My 'Toyboy' and 2.5 Kids

She was over 40, and fell in love with a man more than 10 years younger. This is what happened next.


F Scott Fitzgerald On Point

from Books and Brunch

Twitter: @Ingys Books n Brunch

An honest and amusing blog which draws on tragic, true life experiences, with an underlying message to each blog post. read about smear tests and exes galore

how to raise chickens in peckham

The Headmistress, the Nun and the Washing Machine

from How to Raise Chickens in Peckham

Twitter: @LizDawes

A blog about life, love, kids and chickens.