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Murder On The Eiffel Tower*

from scars, tears and training bras: dating after breast cancer surgery

Twitter: @Water_nymph88

Aged 34: invasive ductal carcinoma in april 2013. Then chemotherapy, flesh expander, surgery, radiotherapy. now plunged into dating

Be Brave and Look Up

My Dad's new girlfriend

from The Secret Divorcée

Twitter: @secretdivorcee

The ups and downs of a single mum who is, with one hand, tearing down one world, and with the other, building anew.

raising jonah

 When everything just clicks – on getting my life back and moving on from mothe...

from Raising Jonah

Twitter: @reprobatemum

Fresh young London-based working mum advocates well fed, slow grown, unentertained kids, with a healthy dose of putting yourself first


People Who Live in Small Places #6: The Scottish island of Unst

from The Expat Partner's Survival Guide

Trailing spouse? Expat wife? Accompanying partner? Whatever you call it, this blog will discuss it.


What You Can Do To Protect Kids On National Missing Children's Day

from CrimeWire

Twitter: @instntcheckmate

CrimeWire is your destination for hilarious, shareable content about parenting tips, crime, social media, relationships, and online safety.


Some home truths about Divorce Mediation

from Suzy Miller: It's personal

Eclectic mix of short stories, true tales and poems inspired by being a happy single mum - with occasional moments of woe


Having a Narcissistic Mother: Guest Post by Simon Pinkerton

from Dr. Psych Mom

Parenting, relationships, sex, psychology, and even some reality TV. Written by a clinical psychologist and mom of 3.

Boy Woman

Child rearing and ‘freedom'. How child boundaries can get parents into knots

from BoyWoman

Twitter: @boywoman2

I'm a heterosexual, sexually active older woman; I'm a feminist, childless, but have always wanted to be a mother, especially to boys.


Back in time with the Brontë family

from Putting Life into Words

Twitter: @Jacy Brean

A blog by a freelance writer and children's author who's talking about teenagers, relationships and lots more.


Advice to the Bercows: avoid divorcing under media spotlight to protect your...

from Help With Divorce

A helpful blog offering advice and support during divorce or separation.