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Sex and Relationships



Do Old People Have Sex?

from Women and Sexuality

Sexuality, Love, and Relationships. A space for normalizing experiences, product reviews, and helpful guidance for the modern woman.


Grandmother's fear of losing home reinforces importance of cohabitation agreeme...

from Help With Divorce

A helpful blog offering advice and support during divorce or separation.

Project Me

Why You've Lost Your Sex Drive and How to Get It Back

from Project Me for Busy Mothers

Twitter: @KellyProjectMe

Project Me helps keep you motivated and inspired to be the best YOU you can be!

chronicles of chloe greene

To retreat or not to retreat...

from Chronicles of Chloe Greene

Twitter: @ChloeGreene21

A blog by a single mother, football fan and dream chaser with flat feet. She writes about trying to survive the 1980s, so dip in for a blast from the past.


Not long now! All you need to know about Valentine's Day …

from All Sweetness and Life

Twitter: @katy_red

Katy's a single mum living in central London who works hard, dates hard and shoots from the hip. Weave your way through life's tapestry as Katy talks about older men, holiday flings, broody men,...

slummy single mummy

Some more thoughts on the National Trust

from Slummy Single Mummy

Twitter: @mummyblogger

This is life as a not-so-single-anymore parent. Slummy single mummy writes about everything from dating and relationships through to dealing with marmite disasters.


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

from Refined Prose

Wedding, marriage and parenting blog.



from So This Is Growing Up?

My ride - pregnant a couple of weeks after miscarriage.


How To Master Netflix And Chill This Valentine's Day

from CrimeWire

Twitter: @instntcheckmate

CrimeWire is your destination for hilarious, shareable content about parenting tips, crime, social media, relationships, and online safety.


A time for lovers

from Still Bloody Single

An amusing blog for long-suffering singles, their mothers and their lovers.