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Sex and Relationships



Reader Q: Husband Made Ashley Madison Account

from Dr. Psych Mom

Parenting, relationships, sex, psychology, and even some reality TV. Written by a clinical psychologist and mom of 3.


Mid-settling Moments

from So This Is Growing Up?

My ride - pregnant a couple of weeks after miscarriage.


The Clocks

from scars, tears and training bras: dating after breast cancer surgery

Twitter: @Water_nymph88

Aged 34: invasive ductal carcinoma in april 2013. Then chemotherapy, flesh expander, surgery, radiotherapy. now plunged into dating


Racism: Who or what is to blame?

from Putting Life into Words

Twitter: @Jacy Brean

A blog by a freelance writer and children's author who's talking about teenagers, relationships and lots more.


The death of Page 3 signals a return to a more modest world. But is this really...

from Scenes from a gentleman's club

Before I was a mother, I was a dancer. This is how it happened….

Boy Woman

Views of singles, not least by singles: PC says, we've a heap of work to do on...

from BoyWoman

Twitter: @boywoman2

I'm a heterosexual, sexually active older woman; I'm a feminist, childless, but have always wanted to be a mother, especially to boys.

slummy single mummy

Why reading the news is bad for you

from Slummy Single Mummy

Twitter: @mummyblogger

This is life as a not-so-single-anymore parent. Slummy single mummy writes about everything from dating and relationships through to dealing with marmite disasters.


Happy New Year

from Still Bloody Single

An amusing blog for long-suffering singles, their mothers and their lovers.

Catherine Zinger

How a Stranger's Parenting Story Made Me Realize How Life Perspectives Can...

from Catherine Zinger features a collection of personal, humourous and sometimes serious essays by a 40-something year-old wife, girlfriend and mother of three on life lessons gleaned from living in...


Could you be suffering from decision fatigue?

from The Consciously Incompetent Camel

Twitter: @TheCICamel

I'm a mother who has struggled with many aspects of motherhood so will the help of my gallow's humour I'm started to find my happy place.