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Libraries, Revenue Pressures and Self Defeating Measures

from Munologue

Musings on motherhood, parenting, career stuff, education and gender issues, with random other things thrown in.


Setting up shop

from verymissberry

I'm a stay at home mummy blogging about life with two little boys, our adventures, pitfalls and everything in-between.

HerMelness Speaks

Not holding out for a hero

from HerMelness Speaks

Twitter: @HerMelness


A Morning Snapshot

from The Dorset Divorcee

40 something single parent flying the flag for everyone who is bringing up children on their own.

Life as a Widower

anniversary gift

from Life as a Widower

Twitter: @lifeasawidower

I'm a young widowed father opening up about living with loss after losing my wife suddenly and tragically at just thirty-three.


Caught Red-Handed!

from Coz Momma says so

“Coz Mamma Says So”! This my dears has been the story of my life – for this entire 14 months! From my clothes to food to even my potty

Learner Mother

Diagnosis of ASD – what's next?

from LearnerMother

Twitter: @michelledavis

Practising the art of motherhood on three unsuspecting kids


52 Things I Know

from Stuff My Dog Taught Me

A witty, sometimes heartwarming, usually sarcastic analysis of life's moment viewed through the eyes of a working mom and her dog.


The Merry-go-round of Guilt

from Inspired By Motherhood

Blending Inspiration with Reality



from littlesleepybird

A parenting blog about my life with my 2 year old little girl and much more.