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easter prayers…

from hugmamma's mind, body, and soul

Love of family and a passion for writing encourages me to share stories of compassion, inspiration, and humor. Life interests me...always!


Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes - A Felt Apple Needle Case

from Mrs Fox's

The Mrs Foxes, Nina and Jackie, run a children's craft business based in the UK. They love creating things with and for their children.


Shoes shoes shoes!

from Diamonds And Daisychains

Twitter: @DiamondDaisycha

Website for women, mothers and wives who lead crazy, chaotic, wonderful lives!

a frog at large

What I'm Into – March 2015 Edition

from A Frog at Large

Twitter: @Badgerwife

The musings of a French first-time mum who's living in the UK.


Writing about the rut

from Nif Naf Notes

A parenting and lifestyle blog about becoming a first time mum away from home.


Vegan Puff Pastry Lentil Loaf

from MummaG

The ups, downs and arounds of a stay at home single mum.


Happy Passover!

from Oy Vey Out Loud

Twitter: @OyVeyOutLoud

Helpful hints and tips from a working Jewish mother-of-three, struggling, bodging and faking my way through every day

Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

PDA is NOT ODD! Knowledge is Power!

from Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

The daily struggles of living with a child with PDA, statergies, understanding and useful links.

Real Life Skills

Seeking would-be Tweeters…

from Real Life Skills

Twitter: @realvivskills

Practical, enthusiastic and creative commentary from a mum who champions encouragement not criticism.

Finding Our Spirit

Just The Weekend

from Finding Our Spirit

Twitter: @jenbrunett

A mom's journey, trying to seek out the spiritual through the every day life of our dysfunctional family.