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MILS, The Little Mermaid & Huge Bugs!

from SpaceMum

This blogger's a SAHM to three children: one thirteen-year-old boy whose fave expression is '"For God's sake," one ten-year-old son who thinks he's a ninja and a 5 year old girl who's sure...


Product Review - The Clever Baggers

from What To Do with The Kids

This site's full of craft ideas, recipes and places to go with young children.

mother wife me

from Mums Make Lists

Twitter: @LuciMcQ

Simple tips for busy mums, tried and tested by busy mums...


I am on a mission to find my friends, Confidence and Joy

from Mummy Got Heart and Soul

This blog is about some of the special moments of being a mother and how to recapture the dreams you had pre-parenthood. This blogger's hoping to challenge herself and find her creative voice again.

Mish Mash Mum

Moving Home

from Mish Mash Mum

Twitter: @mishmashmum

Blog by a mum of two who fell pregnant just when she'd got her life on track. Then her childminder dropped out and she discovered she had an underactive thyroid. Follow this articulate, thoughtful,...

Stay at Home Dad

Changing for Good

from Stay at Home Dad

Twitter: @Stayhomedad

A blog by a stay at home dad, with stories, observations and musings about looking after children.


Am I too old, or just unfit...

from AmsterdaMummy

Twitter: @AmsterdaMummy

A blog by an English Mum in Amsterdam who makes pots of tea wherever she goes on her bike...


A Funny Moment

from The Working Parent

Dip and dive with this blogger through the highs and lows of parenting, working and studying...


Mothering Sunday

from Au Pair Mum Blog

A London mum tells tales about hosting au pairs, what it takes to be a good host mother, how to cope with culture differences and common issues among au pairs and host parents.


Unprepared but Ready

from Love and Enterprise

This blogger's a mother and journalist who's trying to get unstuck. She's looking for joy, meaning, purpose, fun ... and a way to get her spark back.