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One hundred ways to teach reading and spelling

One Hundred ways to Teach Reading,Spelling and Writing

from One hundred ways to teach reading, spelling and writing

Teaching ideas for basic reading, spelling and writing by ex special needs teacher, mother of two boys, one aspergers syndrome.


Little Readers

from Mrs

Louis' Mummy is currently setting up a business selling children's products and clothing. She blogs about life with her little boy.


How long does it take to put on a pair of gloves?

from Mum in a Muddle

Twitter: @littlesavages

Ramblings on parenting and a few places she loves in the North East too.


Are you part of the Sandwich Generation?

from Fat Kittens

Twitter: @eleanormills

Eleanor Mills was chubby as a child and doesn’t want her own kids to suffer the same fate. Her blog aims to share problems, solutions and dilemmas about the issue of kids, food and fat.

attached mummy

Growing up

from Attached Mummy

Twitter: @attachedmummy

Discover the world of attached parenting from this part-time PhD student and full-time single mother.

Crafty Teuchter

Eight by eight project

from CraftyTeuchter

Twitter: @jomacshep

The random musings of a Highland mum and crafter.

Born to be a Yummy Mummy

Enjoying Mummy Memories

from Born to be a Yummy Mummy

A blog to review, share and generally chat about ways to help you feel great when you’ve got a baby in tow. In between all the nappy changing, face wiping and nursery rhymes you can stand tall...


Update - it's been a while

from Frenzy at The Furrows

Twitter: @furrows_frenzy

Jo blogs about her adventures as an amateurish smallholder in North East England and owner of a holiday property marketing business. To top it off she has three artistic, performing teenage children,...


I am not a mental health label, I am a mother.

from The Monobrow Chronicles

Twitter: @monobrowmum

A blog about twin parenting, crafting and trying to make it through the day.



from Mama's Little Beats

Twitter: @MamasLittleBeat

Mummy blogger children over 21 and under 5 - craft - cooking - kids fashion - mummy fashion - housewares - books and knitting