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Can working mums have their cake and eat it?

from My Working Mummy

I'm charting my family's journey towards a new way of being, hoping to connect with other parents searching for work-life balance


Our Children and Their Technology

from Jugglehood

I want to share my daily juggles, struggles and most of all cuggles, and give you an insight into my life in Jugglehood. Welcome.


Six Month Update | Little Monkey

from Classic Grl

Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle & Parenting blog


The Greek God(zilla) Strikes Again!

from Grenglish

Twitter: @grenglishblog

An English woman juggles life with a big fat Greek family and a full-time job.


Another year passes

from Mental Health Diary Blog

Twitter: @MentHealthDiary

A diary of ongoing events documenting mental health issues of a mother and teenage daughter coming to terms with bullying and trying to rebuild their lives


I'm struggling….

from From Mummy to Mum

Predominately used to document parenting, the ups and downs and what works for us.

Making it to the Top of My Own List

Where I Did Not Know and possibly Got It Wrong

from Making it to the Top of My Own List

Twitter: @johalgh

A light hearted take on the highs and lows of being a working mother, and the constant suprise of not being 19 anymore!


The 10 things nobody ever told me about postpartum 

from Adventures of a Modern Mum

Join me as I venture blindly into the world of parenting and follow my honest account of becoming a first time mum.


5 Things I did to spruce up my Herb Garden!

from Elle Cherie

I have created this blog so I can document the many things that I have learnt over the past few years, for myself and to help others!


WHAT I'VE LEARNED IN 31 years…..

from Cool Bananas Blog

The musings of a full time mummy, part time entrepreneur & endless dreamer.A lifestyle blog.