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House of Twins

Not the One Born Every Minute liveblog

from House of Twins 2.0

Twitter: @houseoftwins

Girl meets boy, boy & girl fall in love, get married, get pregnant, panic, have twin girls, cry lots, smile lots, muddle along together, become a crack parenting team, girl writes about it.


Test driver

from middle aged middle class mother

My experiences of being a middle aged middle class mother, pregnant with a 1 year old and a full time job.

Entertaining Izzy

Happy Birthday Izzy!

from Entertaining Izzy

Twitter: @entertainizzy

Making the most of life with my toddler; finding a balance between mummy-me & grown up-me!

Survive separation


from Survive Separation

All the advice and links from Olgaga's Mumsnet posts on separation, divorce, arrangements for children and child maintenance issues.


I choose happiness.

from Stories from a fishwife

The true life adventures of a widowed mum trying to make lemonade from all those lemons!

Attila, his mom & a globe lamp

Shoeshine for all

from Attila, his mom & a globe lamp

Quirky single mom and precocious 7-yr old son stretch their meager budget to globetrot during the school breaks, in an effort to escape the Swedish darkness and conformity.


Final Post

from Samantha And Her Two Little Girls

Twitter: @totallydot

Ramblings of a single mother with two little girls living on the South Coast of England.

Laura Milling

Help for parents of twins and multiples

from A 101 Stupid Things Not to Say to a Parent of Multiples

Twitter: @mothermilling

A project that collects all the lovely, daft and bizarre comments parents of multiples get, laced with the odd bit of advice or discussion around the issues facing parents of multiples.


That's Not My Babybear…

from Baby Loves Books

Twitter: @babybookblog

Advocate for early childhood literacy through sharing books, rhymes, stories and songs with babies and young children.

The survival guide for a teenage mother

Things you might need to think about changing – Diet

from The survival guide for a teenage mother

A positive blog of honest, practical and relevant information for young women who find themselves pregnant as teenagers. Based on personal experience.