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Parenting Philosophies


Permanently in a Pickle


from Permanently In A Pickle - Life After Adoption

Twitter: @claireagius

This mum's blogging about parenting her adopted children. Drop by for tales of delight and disaster.


Our Kids Can Thrive And It Begins With Less Control

from Raised Good

I write about natural parenting. Topics covered include co-sleeping, early potty training, vaccines and health tips.


On World Mental Health Day (or why we need to teach our children happiness...

from Confessions of a (mostly) Happy Mum

A blog about the world of happiness research... and application.


Sacred circles for mothers & daughters

from Hazel Tree

Twitter: @hazeltreedoula

A story of women, of birth, of transitions and livign your truth grounded in the rhythms of nature


Monkey Hat aka Children's Winter Balaclava

from Practical Guide to Parenting

Practical tips for parents & carers


Unrealistic Expectations

from Not So Perfect Mummy Diaires

Because we're not all breastfeeding, baby wearing, organic food feeding mummies


Magnetic Walls for Nursery or Playroom

from Practical Guide to Parenting

Practical tips for parents & carers


Living in ‘The Now'. Hey, what's going on, Jane?

from Jane Reynolds

Twitter: @janereynolds8

A weekly blog with a tongue-in-cheek look at TV and soaps in particular by an ex-nanny to three little boys. Find out more about a nanny's views on child-rearing and catch up with the latest TV gossi...


Day 1 of Work-From-Home Mummyhood

from liberalistmum

Effects of society and politics on the decisions we make when bringing up our children, how this has added to my decision to give up my job.


6 tips for writing quickly – from author, Emily Organ

from Nikki Young Writes

Twitter: @nicola_cyoung

My blog is home to articles about parenting and general observations on life, by a working mum of three.