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from Mammasaver

Adventures of a money-saving mum who's bringing up her baby without breaking the piggy-bank.

clive's caterpillar party blog

from Clive Caterpillar's Birthday Party Blog

This blog is about everything and anything to do with children's birthday parties, helpful tips, pitfalls to avoid and general ideas - to turn party nightmares into party triumphs.


from Mummy Rates It

Twitter: @mummyratesit

The home of the impartial toy review, plus parenting rants and ramblings too. Written for parents by a parent.

babies and boobies

from Mummy under The Kitchen Table

This blog's by a rockchick mum and ex-party animal who is trying to remember who else she is.

wed in london

from Wed in London

Twitter: @WedinLondon

A thirtysomething Irish mum with a baby daughter is about to get married. She's blogging about weddings for city brides, so drop by for inspiration and a few tiaras.


from The Fortysomething Undomesticated Devil

Twitter: @lizzie_Loodles

Read these amusing observations of life, family, friends and pets. There are also some flash fiction posts too to get the creative juices flowing.


from A Musing Mum

Twitter: @autumn_summers

A blog about life and current affairs.


from ItchyFootMum

House Swap Adventures


from Fashion Fairy

Twitter: @askfashionfairy

Fashion Fairy is an illustrated blog with a free question facility where people can post their fashion queries for a free fashion fix!


from Compare My Spend

Twitter: @comparemyspend

A blog discussion ways to reduce your expenditure in areas without changing your lifestyle leading to an iphone app launch end of September