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The link between low pay and abuse.

from It's Mother's Work

Twitter: @itsmotherswork

Old woman who lived in a shoe; scattergun love of politics, social justice, public service; focused love of children's services & her brood; Views expressed!

this old life of mine

Change and Compromise

from This Old Life of Mine

Twitter: @jenpen78

Blog is about her, mum, wife, nurse, cat owner...actually should of put HER last! Blog is to stop her from losing my mind and have a space to chat.


from DoodleBloggs

Twitter: @therealbiwi

A bit of something about anything and everything, as she fancies


from Muddy Puddles and lots of Cuddles

3 kids, A husband, 3 dobermsn, 2 rats and 6 fish!


The School Gate

from I Love 10

This blogger is a mum of two boys. She blogs about prematurity, child development, life, faith, and buying a "fixer-upper" house.


Home Time

from Undercover Mummy

Twitter: @undercovermummy

A Mum of 3 that has to be undercover as she can't risk anyone finding out that Mr P is in prison. This is her life.


Toothpaste and Tea Leaves

from Everyman Zero Waste

Hints, tips and experiences in their family of 5's attempts to eliminate rubbish (particularly black bag rubbish) from their home.


Parent and Child Parking Bays

from Sass By Proxy

Twitter: @sassbyproxy

A sassy blog on life and all that comes with it, good and bad. Mostly bad at the moment. This blogger needed an outlet - so here's her blog!


A Culture of Secrecy?

from Heart of the Matter

Thoughts about issues in the world that she feels can't be ignored.


Spider Prints

from Rainy Day Games

A blog that hopes to save your kids (and you!) from the boredom and whinging which would usually accompany a rainy day. RainyDayGames aims to be a list of activities and games which don't require...